Winglows Holdings offers renewable energy solutions, innovative technologies & consulting services worldwide. Our mission, is to introduce Eco-friendly energy solutions, for both private and commercial use.

We are a complete supplier of biogas plants in the energy recovery field from the treatment of wet organic waste, waste from agricultural and food industries, wastewater and process water. Each treatment and biogas plant satisfies and meets the stringent environmental requirements for the treatment of waste and is therefore an economic and future-oriented solution.

Our know how is based on our extensive experience and good business relations, in the renewable energy worldwide markets. We provide a variety of engineering services, plant assessment, projects and contract management, as well as complete turn-Key installation, commissioning and packages in the following areas:

Biogas Plants

Biogas refers to a gas made from anaerobic digestion of agricultural and animal waste, food waste and sometimes also municipal solid waste, as well as biofuel crops.  Equipment to produce this gas varies based on the type of organic waste to be used as raw material and heat needed for digestion.  Dependent on the waste material and operating temperature, a batch digester will start producing biogas after two to four weeks; production will slowly increase then drop off after about four months.  In cold climates the efficiency of a digester will decrease, thus heating is necessary to maintain continuous gas production.  Of the gases produced from a biogas plant, methane is captured and used to power generators. Other uses for the methane are heat for climate control and boilers, as well as fuel for vehicles converted to biogas.

Sources of Biomass: